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Heavy Machinery Dealership - HMD


Best Partners of 2018 for the second year in a row!

HMD Africa is proud to be awarded Best Partners of 2018 in West Africa by Doosan for the second year in a row.


We have participated in the meeting held by Doosan Infracore for its African construction equipment dealers held in Bangkok, Thailand. The objective of this meeting was to discuss major achievements in 2018 emerging markets, major strategic issues for 2019, and strengthening sales capabilities in Africa for the future.


According to Doosan: "We have confirmed the importance and growth potential of the African market through this dealership meeting and have strengthened our partnership. We will accelerate our business growth by providing excellent product competitiveness and services.”


Meanwhile, Doosan Infracore still strengthens technology service training, expands product lineup, and enhances brand awareness in order to increase reach in the African markets


Thank you Doosan for the recognition.