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Soilmec Hydraulic Microdrilling Rig Sm-14

Soilmec SM-14 is a multipurpose drilling rig. Its modular design is engineered for the execution of:
Micropiles, Tie-backs, Jet-grouting, Drain, Water wells.
The rig is fitted with proportional, hydraulic servo-assisted controls that make the operations smooth. Featured with Load Sensing System, it has lower running costs and a reduced wear and tear on components.


Soilmec SM-14 versatility unit that can be tailored to any customer need or geological conditions.
Available with a wide range of rotary heads ranging from 800 daNm to 2500 daNm (special attachment for each HR are available).

Model Number:


Fuel Capacity

200 L

Engine Type


Engine Power

119 kW @ 2200 rpm

Available in these countries :